If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. ~ Henry J. Tillman

Dr. Najib Karim is a Biochemist and got his Ph.D. in experimental surgery from the Medical School Hannover.  After his Ph.D. he worked as business consultant before he became President of the Tissue Engineering Platforms and a freelance consultant.

His main research interests were cardiovascular tissues and implants, liver assistance systems, extracellular matrices and cellular adhesion.  He has a deep understanding of the biotech and life science industry and has broad experience in many other industries like steel and telecommunications.

Dr. Karim was involved in the  law making process of the new EU regulation for advanced therapies as an external expert and stakeholder.  He gives lectures at the University Luebeck and he was an invited speaker at many scientific and industrial congresses like the Biotechnica Fair and the World Congress Regenerative Medicine. For a complete list of speeches and publications please send an inquiry.