If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. ~ Henry J. Tillman

Socratic consulting

Dr. Karim doesn't give you simple advice, he works with you. Consulting is only successful when you are successful. Measurable parameters and milestones are essential for good consultancy. That is why the client first identifies milestones and parameters  together with Dr. Karim Consulting.

Dr. Karim believes in his services. For this reason many projects are success-orientated, which means a project is only successfully accomplished when the client is successful. Service contracts are simple: the paramount success criteria is customer satisfaction.

The kind of consulting service depends on the project and its requirements. Feasibility studies require comprehensive analysis and interim management services require operational management and communication techniques for example. Whatever is required, Dr. Karim provides it.

Dr. Karim doesn't try to enforce change. He believes in soft power. Sustainable change is a process and Dr. Karim acts as a "socratic" consultant, creating knowledge through communication. That's why Dr. Karim involves the client in all project steps. Solutions are not out-of-the box surprises that are explained when the solution is found. The client is involved in every single step of the solution finding process and communication is key to sustainable change management.